~ THE ORANGE ROGUE: A recap of things I picked up on from watching all the NANs updates this year


  • Pink and gold as a color combination is everywhere. I think it started with some of the Celtic Stars, but watching the live feeds and results I saw an almost innumerable amount of pink and gold dresses. Fortunately, this is a color palette that I think is flattering on a lot of different people,…

One thing I noticed was a lot of dresses with bright lime green sequins!

"Hint for jump photos ; just film it . go home pause it on the jump. Printscreen. simple. No blurr."

Like an irish dancer (via likeanirishdancer)

LIFE HACK FOR IRISH DANCERS TAKING LEAP PICS: do a birdy. Guaranteed higher leg, better form, more time to take the picture. You’re welcome.

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~ rince gaelacha: Some NAIDC Statistics


Schools with girls in the top 10


Pender Keady-9

The Academy, Mullane Healy Godley, Murray-8

Rince Na Tiarna-7

Broesler, Carey, Doherty, Hagen-Kavanagh, Mulhern, Teelin-5

Brady, Celtic Steps, Claddagh, Gilleoghan, Harney, Nora Pickett-4

Inishfree, Irwin, Mulvihill Lynch,…

This is so interesting! Go Regan Rankin :)